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The banking activity is both captivating and challenging, offering excellent opportunities for specialization and career development. In Bancpost you will come across a great variety of job offers, both in the operational units, where you can start a career as a teller or bank officer, and in the other areas such as Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, Private Banking, Operations, Treasury, IT, etc.

In time, Bancpost has earned a good reputation; it offers top-ranking banking products and services and it is loyal to a client-oriented business philosophy. And the key to all its achievements is a young, active and open-minded team, where everyone is valued and motivated to bring his/her own contribution to the maximum of his/her potential. If you are open-minded and feel enthusiast to work in this area, we invite you to send us your CV at

We are convinced that in Bancpost you will find a professional environment where you will be able to develop a successful career and enjoy many accomplishments.