Mastercard Standard Taifun

MasterCard Standard/Taifun from Bancpost is a debit card attached to a RON account, for international use and 4-year validity*.

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Beneficiaries: resident or non-resident individuals

You can use your MasterCard Standard card both for payments of goods and services at merchants from Romania or abroad, as well as to withdraw cash from any Bancpost ATM, or from other banks’ counters and ATMs which display the logo printed on the card, in the country or abroad.

Transactional limits

With the purpose of protecting Bancpost clients' savings against possible card frauds, the daily cash withdrawal limit for the MasterCard Standard/Taifun debit card is 4,000 RON/DAY.

The above-mentioned limit is applicable both for the cash withdrawals from the Bancpost network ATMs, as well as for the cash withdrawal transactions from the other banks’ ATMs in Romania and abroad.

The transactions performed at the merchants with the purpose of paying for goods and/or services can be made within the limit of the available balance of the card account.

Settlement of card transactions 


Starting with 16 May 2017, the settlement currency for international transactions is EUR. Enjoy your shopping!

Transactions are debited from the card account within the period stipulated by the regulations of MasterCard International Organization.

The settlement currency between the Bank and MasterCard International Organization is RON for the national transactions (the acquiring bank is from Romania, the receipt is in RON), or EUR for the international transactions (made at an acquiring bank from outside Romania, or at an acquiring bank from Romania, in a currency other than RON).

The transactions performed in a foreign currency are authorized by the Bank on-line (in real-time) at the foreign exchange rate used by MasterCard International at the moment of the authorization. In the case of transactions performed by the Cardholder in a currency other than the currency of the account, the Bank will debit the account with the equivalent of the respective transaction and of the associated commissions, by performing the foreign exchange, as the case may be, at the foreign exchange rate of the Bank from the day when the transaction is debited.



  • In order to report a lost/stolen card you can always call the emergency line 021 408 50 50
  • For information concerning the card or the card account, the same telephone number is available for you  from Monday to Friday, between 8:00 and 19:00

*Temporary debit cards issued starting with 01.01.2012 will be valid for 3 years.


NEW! It is advantageous to pay with your Bancpost debit card at supermarket!

Use your debit card in  Kaufland, Carrefour, Real, Metro, Lidl, Auchan, CORA, Mega Image, Selgros, BILLA, Penny Market, Profi, XXL, Annabella, Angst, InterMacedonia, etc for your daily shopping. 

The total value of your expense can return on your card! (max 500 lei). 

Terms & Conditions available here.


  • Gain adgitional control over payments when you use the debit card through SMS Alerts service
  • Access to the available balance of card account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week  
  • Checking the card payments; you can  keep a record of these payments by Fastbanking or through the account  statement made available  by the Bank 
  • Obtaining information concerning the balance of the account attached to the card directly from the Bancpost ATMs  
  • 0% fee for using your card to make payments to merchants 
  • There is no conversion fee if the card is used abroad 
  • Paying the bills at any Bancpost ATM 
  • Performing Internet transactions  
  • Changing  the PIN  at the Bancpost ATM based on the previous PIN  
  • Overdraft facility if the salary is transferred into the card account