VISA Classic

The VISA Classic represents the perfect payment instrument for your day-to-day spending.  It is a credit card in lei, dedicated to natural persons and through which you have access to a credit limit that matches your necessities. 

NEW! Now you can acquire a VISA Gold credit card without income documents*.

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The card can be used both in the country as well as abroad, wherever the VISA logo is displayed, both for cash withdrawals, payment to merchants, as well as for online shopping. The eligible beneficiaries of the VISA Classic credit cards are individuals with age between 23-65 years and minimum net income for at least 500 Lei (age between 18 - 75 years and no minimum income in case of VISA Classic secured credit cards*.

The issuing of the card is very simple and fast.

In order to apply for a VISA Classic credit card you just need your ID card and income statement filled in and stamped by your employer which you can download here. Or you can apply for a VISA Classic secured credit cards* for which you don’t need income documents.

You can apply to the nearest Bancpost branch or you can apply HERE and we will call you back.



  • NEW! With the new loyalty scheme “Points everywhere” you sava money with each purchase you make. You get 1 point for each 1 leu spent. The points transforms into money back on the card with a simple phone call. Read T&C here. 
  • Financial flexibility. With your VISA you benefit from a credit payable to bearer, perfect for your day-to-day needs and pleasures. Moreover, it is easily administered, so as not to overrun your budget.
  • Accepted in more than 24 million commercial locations. The VISA credit card is accepted all over the world in most of the commercial locations.  You can pay with your VISA card  wherever you want: at the supermarket for your daily shopping, at  restaurants, at gas stations, or in holidays. And the commission for paying with your card is 0%!
  • A grace period of up to 55 days  for transactions performed with merchants. Consequently, you can postpone your spending, without paying any interest!
  • Safety. Why  carry around large amounts of cash and risk to be robbed of it or lose it?  Go shopping with your card and without any worries! If you lose the card, your money is protected.  Call us on out toll free telephone number and we will immediately block it.
  • Various payments methods  (cash, intrabank or interbank transfer, Internet Banking)
  • Fraud prevention warning. We monitor all your transactions depending on your payment history.  If we notice dubious transactions, we contact you on the phone for the confirmation of the transaction in question.
  • Variable interest rate made of ROBOR 3M plus the Fixed Margin (Fixed Margin = 25%)
  • DAE for Visa Classic credit card is 30.59% per year for a total credit amount of 5.367 lei, calculated over a one-year period, considering the variable interest rate made of ROBOR 3M plus the Fixed Margin of 25%, card issuance fee of 0 lei and annual administration fee of 30 lei. The total amount of payment is 6,179 lei.

Daily withdrawal limit
With the purpose of preventing credit card fraud, we are informing you that Bancpost decided to implement, for the VISA Classic credit card a daily cash withdrawal limit of 2000 de lei/day, but you can use your card with merchants  within the maximum limit of tha card available on the card.


*Visa Classic secured credit card

It is a credit card, designed for individuals, for which the credit limit is backed with cash collateral deposit. 


  • Fast approval period (under 48h)
  • Fewer credit documents required for credit card application (only a credit application form and and a copy of personal ID).

Starting with 11 July 2017, the settlement currency for international transactions is EUR. Enjoy your shopping!

From now, you save money with every purchase you make!

From today you save money because all your purchase with VISA CLASSIC credit card accumulated points, that you can redeem in money! You collect POINTS EVERYWHERE – no limit of spending category, value or location.

  • 1 RON spent = 1 loyalty point
  • The points transforms in money back on your card when a relevant amount of point have been accumulated, minimum 2000 points, with a simple phone call to Infoline VISA 
  • You get back up to 1% form your purchases
  • You see the points on your monthly statement

The emergency line

Emergency line, available 7 days a week, 24h/day (in case of lost, stolen, blocked or fraudulently used cards)

Mobile: 0372181556

Fixed-line telephone: 0213084556

Bancpost specifications

  • For credit card agreements signed starting with 01.05.2016, the late payment fee was renamed as penalty interest, with different calculation method applicable. These modifications can be applied for valid agreements at 01.05.2016, by sigining an addendum in any Bancpost branch.