Banking operations over the Internet. Pay your bills, transfer money, and check your balance faster, easier and more cost-effective!  

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Apply for Fastbanking and discover maximum advantages in settling your financial matters:

QUICK ACCESS to a wide range of operations through the Fastbanking services

REDUCED COSTS – you can save time and money, as you benefit from:

  • Free authentication methods (SMS, VIP Mobile)
  • Fees charged for the payment orders in RON carried out via Fastbanking, lower by 40% by reference to those charged for operations performed at the counter.


FLEXIBILITY – you can freely choose one or several authentication methods, which are convenient and easy to use (using various browsers):

  • Token Challenge – authentication in Fastbanking with the token received from the bank and a computer connected to the Internet

This authentication method requires depositing a guarantee of USD 30 or the RON equivalent.

The guarantee is refundable upon the waiver of such method or upon the termination of the Fastbanking agreement.


  • SMS – authentication in Fastbanking through your mobile phone, using the authentication code received by SMS and a computer connected to the Internet.

Access here the demo and find out how simple you can use VIP* Mobile authentication method!

This authentication method is free of charge.

You may choose the SMS authentication method for one or several telephone numbers you have.


  • VIP* mobile – turn your mobile phone into an authentication device, by installing the software application on your mobile phone.

This authentication method is free of charge.

Access here the demo and find out how simple you can use VIP* Mobile authentication method!

*VIP = Verisign Identity Protection

Note: Each Fastbanking user shall have its own authentication method.

Fastbanking ACTIVATION

Activate Fastbanking as you wish:
  • send the word FAST through SMS to 1704 and we call you back to provide you the username and to perform service activation 
  • call us at 0213085460 (M-F:8:00-20:00) and get the username

Then, use the username and the password provided by the bank to use Fastbanking: gain time and have lower costs comparing with the ones you pay at the counter desk!

Access Fastbanking 

Download User Manual for Fastbanking & FastMobile here.

Find out how simple is to use Fastbanking:

HelpDesk Fastbanking/FastMobile

Phone: 021 308 54 60 (Telekom network)

Program: Monday - Friday 8:00 – 20:00


  • authentication methods SMS and VIP MOBILE - free of charge
  • lower commissions up to 40%, for operations performed through Fastbanking
  • professional helpdesk/support service
  • fast and easy to use
  • flexibility: you can choose 1 or more authentication methods, according to your preferences