Fastbanking Costs

Fastbanking subscription is 2.5 RON/month.

For every Token Challenge device an initial guarantee of USD 30 will be charged, which is returned to the client when the contract terminates.

For every Token VIP* device an initial cost of EUR 10 will be charged, and the client becomes the owner of te device from the acquisition moment.

SMS and VIP* Mobile authentication methods are free of charge.

*VIP=VeriSign Identity Protection
The fees charged for payment orders in RON performed through the Internet Banking application are up to 40% lower than the ones charged for operations performed at the Bank’s counter.

The fees charged for FX payment orders performed through Fastbanking are:

  • Operations on behalf of other foreign or domestic banks’ clients ( SWIFT fees not included): 0,25% from the transferred amount (min. 25 EUR maximum 1.000 EUR)
  • the SWIFT fees: 10 EUR

The fees charged for non-cash payments in RON performed using the Internet Banking service:

Interbanking (including Transfond/NBR fee):

  •  up to RON 49,999.99 – RON 4.01 / operation (RON 3.5 RON Bancpost fee + RON 0.51 NBR/Transfond fee)
  • from RON 50.000 and urgent payments irrespective of its amount  – 16.00 / operation (RON 10 Bancpost fee + RON 6.00 NBR/Transfond fee)
  • intrabanking (irrespective of the value) - FRANCO

Also, Fastbanking provides you the following easy and secure facilities for which we charge NO fees:

  • balance checking
  • view and print account statements
  • transfer between own accounts and cards / intrabanking
  • transfer from card to current account
  • card supply (credit/balance) form the current account
  • information regarding the exchange rates imposed by the banks
  • global payment orders (wage payments)
  • view history of card-card account transactions
  • view history of the card - current account transactions
  • transfers between the current accounts of the same user
  • intrabanking transfers
  • service activation
  • professional support/helpdesk
  • view daily transactions
  • view status of payment orders in RON and in foreign currency
  • determine alias for accounts/beneficiaries
  • report, change and delete beneficiaries for RON and foreign currency payments
  • customization of the home page
  • modify, add, delete users
  • utility payments thorugh dedicated module
  • create deposits and manage existing deposits
  • FastMobile service activation through Fastbanking


HelpDesk Fastbanking

Phone: 021 308 54 60
Monday - Friday 8:00 – 20:00