Safety and Confidentiality

In order to use within the maximum security parameters the Fastbanking service provided by Bancpost and to prevent any phishing attacks, please make sure that you:

  • Use an updated version of your antivirus;
  • Use original and latest version of software, including the Windows, Office packages and applications such as Adobe Reader, Flash Player and Oracle Java applications;
  • Do not open any e-mails coming from untrusted contacts which could contain viruses or trojans.


  • In case your Fastbanking application is not available, you will find this information in your login page, without being asked to introduce any of your authentication data (Username, Password, SMS code, Token code);
  • In case your Fastbanking access page has another layout than the one you know, please contact us immediately at 021 308 54 60.

In order to provide a high security level, this service was developed on an infrastructure which observes the international information security standards.

Data confidentiality is ensured by using a username and password and also with the help of the authentication methods.

In order to safely use Fastbanking and to prevent any possible fraud attempts, please take into consideration the following aspects:

  • Always use the LOGOUT button when exit the Fastbanking application, instead of simply closing the browser.
  • Do not reveal to anyone your identification and authentication elements for the Fastbanking application (for example user name, password, Digipass PIN code, Digipass serial number) or of your cards (card number, card PIN, expiry date). If your password was disclosed to other persons, you must change it immediately.
  • The site is identified through a digital certificate issued by Verisign company. Please check on the login page the existence of the Verisign logo with the page authenticity validation link. The only validated links by Bancpost are the ones from the official site, Internet Banking section and from site Also, double clicking the lock on the right lower side of the browser to confirm the authenticity of the page.
  • If your Digipass device was lost/stolen, please call the following telephone number: +40 21 308 54 60 and request to block the device.
  • If you have forgotten your password, please call +40 21 308 54 60 The Bancpost operators will never reveal to you the new password. They will reset the password to the initial value which you can find in the form recived from the bank.
  • Email attachments can carry destructive viruses and Trojans (malware). The message may appear to come from someone or from an organization that you know in order to persuade you into opening the attachment. If it is opened, it may cause reduced computer/device performance or strange behaviors like a spontaneous reboot. Only open email attachments that come from a trusted source and that are expected. Scan email attachments with an updated antivirus prior to opening. Delete all unwanted messages without opening. Keep security patches for your operating system up to date.
  • Unsolicited email message (spam) can be used to deliver malware. Some Spam messages can contain links to fraudulent Web sites. If you suspect an email is spam, do not respond, just delete it immediately.
  • Requests for confidential information via email (phishing) are not legitimate. Phishing attacks may use scare tactics to entice a response. Fraudulent emails are often not personalized. Be extremely wary of emails asking for confidential information. Confirm the authenticity of a suspicious request. The bank will never send e-mails or SMS requesting its clients to access URL addresses or links to Fastbanking application, or to reveal confidential information such as username, password, Digipass serial number or Digipass PIN code, card number, card PIN, expiry date.

HelpDesk Fastbanking/FastMobile

Phone: 021 308 54 60
Monday - Friday 8:00 – 20:00

Protect your mobile devices against malware attacks!

Bancpost joins the campaign aimed at prevention and fight against the mobile devices infection, run by Europol, the Romanian Police, DIOCT and, designed to inform users over potential malware cyber-attacks.

Please inform yourself on the risks and methods used by attackers and how to protect your smart devices (phone or tablet) in order to keep your data safe.

The materials below have been prepared for you by Europol cyber security specialists and contain information about the vulnerabilities of mobile devices, as well as recommendations on how you can secure your online activity, such as downloading applications, online banking, connection to Wi-Fi or how to avoid becoming a victim of the online ransom ware.

How to become a client

Already a Bancpost Client?
Go to the Bancpost unit where you have your current account and present your identity card together with the contract containing your information.
You can find the contract at any of the bank's units or in the Necessary Documents section.

Not yet a Bancpost Client?
Go to any Bancpost unit between 9:00 - 17:00, open a current account and present your identity card together with the contract containing your information.
You can find the contract at any of the bank's units or in the Necessary Documents section.