How can I access Fastbanking

How can I access Fastbanking?

You can access the Fastbanking application anytime using:

  • user name
  • password
  • and one of the authentication methods that you have chosen


How do I get my username?

  • If you have the SMS authentication method, after signing your Fastbanking contract, you will receive a SMS with your username, directly on your mobile phone.


  • Call 0213085460 (L-V: 08-20) and get your username.


  • Send the word FAST through SMS to 1704 and we call you back to provide you the username


How do I get my password?

  • When signing the contract, you will receive an envelope with the initial password that you have to change at the first utilization of the application, for for security reasons.
  • You can reset your account password anytime by using "Reset password" option from Fastbanking login page.


Which authentication method can I choose?

  • SMS - turn your mobile phone into an authentication device: Receive SMS validation code directly on your phone.
  • VIP Mobile - Turn your mobile phone into a virtual token using the VIP * Mobile app. You just need to search for VIP Access on Google Play (for Android OS) or App Store (for iOS) and install the software application on your mobile phone. Then you have to declarate the Credeantial ID in any Bancpost branch.
  • Token Challenge - is a hardware token that generates the validation code that you have to insert into Fastbanking aplication.

  * VIP = Verisign Identity Protection


What kind of transactions can I make through Fastbanking?

Through Fastbanking you can perform a wide range of operations, organized on intuitive menus:

  • Accounts: View the balance of your accounts, generate and print statements of your accounts, and check the transactions of the day
  • Operations in Lei: Make payment orders in Lei, create scheduled payment orders and save payment order templates for your future payments
  • Foreign currency operations: Make internal or external foreign currency payments, create beneficiaries for them
  • Foreign exchange: You can buy or sell foreign currency
  • Utility payments: Pay your utility bills fast and free for suppliers that are predefined by the bank in Fastbanking application or pay your Bancpost credit cards.
  • Deposits: make online deposits with 0.25% discount
  • Credits: View your balance and statements for your credit cards or the details for your loans
  • Mobile Banking: Activate FastMobile directly online.

In addition:

  • In Fastbanking, you can define beneficiaries for your payment orders only once and you can choose that payees that you want to be available on mobile in FastMobile
  • Create payment order templates, so you save time when you want to transfer money to certain payees because payment data is already saved
  • View the latest news and campaigns, right from the main page of the Fastbanking application
  • With the Bancpost mobile application, you can quickly locate any ATM unit and access to various useful tools: currency converter, credit computers, credit cards and deposits, etc.


How do I access FastMobile?

  • You login to Fastbanking, the Mobile Banking menu, agree terms and conditions and activate Mobile Banking - FastMobile
  • Afterwards you cand set the username you want to use for FastMobile or choose to keep the same username you use for Fastbanking
  • Download the Bancpost mobile app from Google Play (for Android OS) or App Store (for iOS) or scan the QR code below and install the app on your smartphone
  • You login to FastMobile with the username you set in Fastbanking and the password used for Fastbanking.

FastMobile service is is free of charge.


From FastMobile you can perform the same operations as Fastbanking:

  • You can view the balance of your accounts and your transaction history
  • Make payment orders in RON, intra-banking transfers between your own accounts and foreign curreency exchange
  • You pay bills quickly and free of charge, including barcode scanning on bill: select billing payments, select supplier, scan your barcode on bill, check your payment details, and approve payment. Simple and fast!
  • Create Deposit with 0.25% discount
  • See the balance and details of your loans and credit cards from Bancpost
  • Pay your credit card or your credit from Bancpost


  • Fees charged for the payment orders in RON carried out via Fastbanking, lower by 40% by reference to those charged for operations performed at the counter.
  • Create online deposit with 0.25% discount
  • You have ZERO cost for FastMobile monthly subscription fee; activate now directly from Fastbanking, no more ways to the bank
  • Professional helpdesk/support service
  • Fast and easy to use
  • You are always protected by advanced security systems, so you do transactions in a safety way! 

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